Cooperative Pathways Meeting – Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology, University of Padua, 8-10 June 2017

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Cooperative Pathways Meeting –  Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology,  University of Padua,  8-10 June 2017 Thumb

Day 1: Thursday 8 June (Room N – Via del Santo, 26)

2 pm: Arrival and Registration

Welcome 2.30pm-2.45pm – Prof. Vincenzo Milanesi (Director of Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology)


Devi Sacchetto (University of Padova) and Erik Olin Wright (University of Wisconsin): Welcome, objectives and housekeeping issues

3pm-4.30pm: Workers’ cooperatives in Italy: a historical perspective (Chair: Devi Sacchetto)

Maria Grazia Meriggi (University of Bergamo), Social entreprise or resource for the conflict: Italian cooperatives in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

Tito Menzani (University of Bologna), People have the power? A historical perspective of Italian worker cooperatives

4.30pm-5pm Coffee break

5pm-6.30pm: Cooperatives and workers in contemporary Italy: precarization and reduction of labour costs? (Chair: Ferruccio Gambino, University of Padova)

Francesco Garibaldo (Fondazione Claudio Sabattini, Bologna), Working in cooperatives: service and manufacturing sectors in Reggio Emilia, Italy

Lisa Dorigatti (University of Milan), Workers’ cooperatives and the transformation of value chains: exploiting institutional loopholes and reducing labour costs


Day 2: Friday 9 June

9am-12:30am, (Room B2 – Via del Santo, 22)

Case studies on workers cooperative pathways in contemporary Italy (Chair: Vando Borghi, University of Bologna)

Giovanni Orlando (University of Torino), Understanding contemporary mutualism in Italy’s recovered enterprises: The RiMaflow case as a laboratory of Utopia

Romolo Calcagno (University of Roma La Sapienza), Recovered enterprises in Italy. An experiment of territorial reciprocity

Massimiliano Andretta and Riccardo Guidi (University of Pisa), Bringing materialism back in: Practices of radical co-production in context

Giulio Iocco (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague), Martina Lo Cascio (University of Palermo) and Domenico Perrotta (University of Bergamo), Mutualism, agriculture and migrant workers in Southern Italy

Francesca Forno (University of Trento) and Paolo Graziano (University of Padua), Reconnecting the social: How political consumerism enacts collective action

12:30 to 2pm: Lunch


Way forward for Real Utopias project and closure

Facilitated by Erik Olin Wright

2pm-6.30pm (Room B3 – Via del Santo, 22)

2pm-4.30pm General Theoretical perspectives

Tom Malleson, The Optimal Financial Arrangements for Expanding Workers Cooperatives

Adrés Dean (Universidad de la República, Uruguay), Comparing the survival of recovered firms and worker coops created from scratch

Andres Bernal, The New York City Worker Cooperative Initiative and Coalition: policies, politics, and social movements

Marta Soler Gallart (University of Barcelona), Competitive Cooperativism and Mondragon

Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder), An Internet of ownership: democratic design for the online economy

4:45-5:30pm, Erik Olin Wright: Destinations and Strategies for a cooperative market econom

5:30-6:30pm Where do we go from here?

Day three: Saturday 10 June

Site visit to the recovered factory “Ri-Maflow”, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milan

The Meeting is organized in the framework of the research project “Pathways to a cooperative market economy”, coordinated by Erik Olin Wright (University of Wisconsin),

Local organizing committee:

Devi Sacchetto (University of Padova) –

Domenico Perrotta (University of Bergamo) –