Vianello Francesca Alice Photo

Vianello Francesca Alice

Lecturer in Sociology of Work

Francesca Alice Vianello (Ph.D.) is Associate professor in Sociology of Work at University of Padua (Italy). Her main areas of research and teaching are migration, work and gender and health. In particular, she is interested in global care chains, care work and occupational health.  Currently she is carrying out a field research on care homes and labour turnover and she is taking part in a research project on RELEASE – Rete Legale Anti Sfruttamento (Legal network against exploitation) directed by Prefettura di Treviso.

She carried out as PI the research project “Migration and Occupational Health: Understanding the Risks for Eastern European Migrant Women” financed by the University of Padova after which several articles and a book were published.

She participated to different research projects in the field of migration studies adopting the “engendering migration theory”. Specifically, she was Scientific Responsible for the Research Unit of Padova for the project financed by the European Commission “Towards shared interests between migrant and local workers”. She conducted a study on unemployed migrant workers from Morocco and Romania and an investigation on everyday life strategies of Ukrainian, Moldovan and Romanian migrant families across borders. Furthermore, she cooperated with the National research project “Conditions for recognition. Gender, Migrations, Social Spaces” (PRIN 2009) and with the Daphne European Commission Project “Speak Out! Empowering Migrant, Refugee and Ethnic Minority Women against Gender Violence in Europe” both of them directed by Franca Bimbi.

For her Ph.D. dissertation she did a multi-local ethnography on the migratory practices and meaning of Ukrainian women and their transnational social networks. This study gave the way to one book and several essays in Italian and English cited in international publications. Results from her other researches have been discussed and published in Italian, English and Spanish in several journal articles, book chapters and edited volumes.



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