«Giovani e imprenditorialità: il pluralismo delle strategie e dei fattori di spinta e il ruolo delle politiche». In Sociologia del lavoro, n. 158/2020, pp. 264-283.


  • Autore: Dodaro Maria
  • Anno : 2020
  • Rivista: Sociologia del Lavoro
  • Link: qui


The article focuses on the experiences of young people beneficiaries of entrepreneurship support measures of the municipality of Milan. It aims to examine how, and under what conditions, different motivations and push factors at the basis of the entrepreneurial choice may combine. Based on the results of qualitative research using semi-structured interviews with young people and policy actors, this
study shows the pluralism of motivations and factors informing the strategies of the young people interviewed, while highlighting the relevance of urban policies and social, economic and institutional conditions in which this pluralism takes shape.