Community bonding for sentenced people supervision JUST/2013/JPEN/AG



The project name CoBS(2) comes from the idea of trying a new and a second reading of the Community Based Sanctions, which would start from enquiring on a specific interlocutor, to whom many people in alternative measure are compared to: co-operatives and social associations responsible for designing, monitoring and evaluating the pathways of external detention. The project wants to encourage the exchange of good practice on the subject, questioning the methods and processes of community bonding supervision. The project idea begins with two experimental project (TRAME and ARIA) taking place from 2011 to 2013/2014, in Italy, in the Lombardy Region, attended by Consortium Tenda and Cooperative A& I, as leaders of the provincial territories of Brescia and Milan. From the results achieved and monitored over the past 18 months of the project, the partners established a core project, shared with public bodies, for a total of 6 partners in the world of social intervention, 1 Association active internationally in raising awareness, 2 cooperative networks, 1 University, 4 Institutional partners.