Rechchad Mariam C. Photo

Rechchad Mariam C.


Mariam is UNIPhD Doctoral Fellow of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences, under the supervision of Professor Annalisa Frisina. She comes from a multidisciplinary background researching, monitoring and advocating around issues of racism and anti-discrimination in both institutional settings and civil society. Her work centres decolonial praxis and intersectional analysis to critically engage with the production of knowledge. She has a BA in Development Studies and Geography (SOAS University, UK) and a joint MA degree in International Relations (Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy) and in Comparative Analysis of Mediterranean Societies (Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, Morocco).

Mariam’s research project on Anti-Racist Movements in European Cities aims to analyse fronts of social mobilisation on migratory phenomena and anti-racism in Europe at the intersection of new forms and channels of participation and governance at the city level in a comparative approach. In recent years the ‘city’ has risen to a privileged unit of intervention to promote participatory methods in the application of public policy, with important implications for grassroots civil society within the field of anti-racism. Her research investigates how anti-racist agendas are constituted at the city level, what spaces of participation are opened and/or closed in relation to this process, and how actors interact with one another in this field.